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Offering a one on one appointment only experience.

Who is Nneka?

Nneka’s Natural World is a Natural Hair Studio located in Sandy Springs, GA, offering a one on one appointment only experience by Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, Master Loctician and a Natural Hair Specialist Nneka Otim.

Why Choose Nneka?

Nneka offers you a personalized one on one experience, in an appointment only based hair studio and uses only the best top of the line products with whole and natural ingredients.

What’s New?

Nneka’s Natural World has relocated from it’s Smyrna location to Sandy Springs, Georgia right off of I285 on the Roswell Rd Exit. Call to set up your appointment and physical address.

Meet Nneka

Nneka Otim

Nneka Otim

Licensed Cosmetologist / Certified Sisterlocks Consultant / Natural Hair Stylist

Atlanta Hair Stylist Nneka Otim’s motto is, “Keep it pure and simple.” Nneka Otim, a Maryland native, listens, responds and relies on Mother Nature to help transform her client’s hair into a mountain of sheer health and beauty. She only uses products with whole and natural ingredients. Before leaving Nneka Otim’s chair, her clients KNOW they are beautiful and they feel it inside and out. Mother Nature’s ingredients coupled with Nneka Otim’s magic touch are the key to keeping her client’s hair pure and simple, but also fabulous!

Nneka Otim’s hands have been working magic on her client’s hair for over ten years. With an attention to detail and a level of professionalism that elevates other’s standards, Nneka Otim transforms her clients with such precision and dedication. She attributes these qualities to her dad, Reginald Okwor, who has always been very structured and has a great deal of discipline. Her mom, Delinda Merrick-Bey, is a creative and free spirited person who is responsible for Nneka Otim’s love for people and her ability to express creativity. Her love for herbs, nutrition and her appetite to engage in holistic healing was instilled in her by her grandmother, Clara Burrell, who said, “Taking care of yourself in the most natural way is the best way.” Nneka Otim’s clients benefit from her natural foundation.

She had a love for hair since the age of seven, but she was sixteen when she began to see the professional aspect of hair. This passion and excitement landed her a position as a stylist at the age of eighteen.

Continuing to tap into her creative essence, Nneka Otim brought that energy to the stage. She attended Essex Community College as a dance major when she naturally adhered to the need to create hair masterpieces that coincided with the variety of dance styles and formations. Nneka Otim danced with the Transformation Dance Company in Maryland at local venues. It’s no wonder that transforming people’s lives became the cornerstone of her creativity.

Nneka Otim relocated to Los Angeles to optimize her experience in hair and dance. She graciously accepted the opportunity to style hair for fashion shows and photo shoots throughout the Los Angeles area which elevated her love to create hairstyles for all media outlets. With her destiny in mind, she began cosmetology school at the International Academy of Cosmetology in Pasadena, CA. Here is where she entered a hair-styling competition that landed her a high-achievement award for the most creative hairstylist. This era was the catalyst for Nneka Otim’s love and desire to manage different hair textures in a variety of cultures.

She completed her Master Cosmetologist License at The Atlanta Technical College and her dedication to excellence landed her an internship at the Schnitt Punkt Salon in Germany. Her professional training includes mastership in prestige product lines such as Aveda, Phyto and Barex, among others. She is a certified Sisterlocks consultant, master Loctician and a natural hair specialist.

Nneka Otim loves and styles ALL hair textures and believes health is the foundation to any hairstyle. Her goal is to give her clients beautiful hairstyles with professionalism, excellent customer service and high quality products. Nneka Otim’s style is pure and simple and with that, beauty and excellence are naturally achieved

What people say about Nneka

Brenda Starr

I originally had my sister locks done in Chicago in 2001. Due to frequent relocations, I have since had three different locticians before discovering Nneka in Atlanta, GA. I discovered her by accident through a dred lock consultant who recommended her because she specializes in sister locks. In the past I have had locticians that when touching up my hair was too tight, or too loose or didn’t last any amount of time. Since going to Nneka, I can say when I have touch-ups my head feels amazing. It is not too tight, not too loose and it lasts for 6-8 weeks. Her personalized attention to your hair care needs and your concerns about your hair are unparalleled by any loctician I have ever been to. When I tell her how amazing she is (I think because she trained in LA), she is always modest and appreciative. Every penny I spend on my hair is worth it because her attention to detail, the quality of her work, and her comfortable work environment. If you are looking for a mediocre loctician, Nneka is not for you. If you are looking for exemplary service and quality of work and craftsmanship, then I highly recommend Nneka to you. On a 1 to 5 star scale, I give her a 5 for superior performance in customer service, quality of work, work environment, and professionalism.

Brenda Starr

Nneka is a spiritualist of natural hair; she tends not only to aesthetics but also to the internal wellbeing of each strand like the roots of ancient trees. Yet, with regard to aesthetics, she has the gift of re-creation; she is able to show to the world the divine naturally inherent in all of us, bring out our own internal god/dess. She has taught me now only about my locks, the roots of my soul, but also has given me the greatest gift of genuine care.

Dianne Diakité

Nneka’s Natural is not simply a World; it is a Galaxy!  Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, when you place your hair in Nneka’s hands, you will experience the magic and majesty of a professional par excellence who never ceases to augment her mastery over the art and expertise of nurturing and caring for her clients with attention to their holistic haircare needs. I view my appointments with Nneka as treatment for my hair and my soul–my outer and inner condition. Nneka provides a healing experience within an aesthetically beautiful and impeccably sanitary salon environment. In her speech, spirit and touch, she emits a gentle energy, positive vibrations, as well as peaceful intentions for your beauty, health and wellness. Once you find Nneka, you will know immediately that there is no alternative, indeed no substitute, for the class, creativity and originality she brings to the enterprise.

Dianne Diakité

“Nneka Otim is a true professional! After trying several locticians for many years, I was blessed to become a client of Nneka’s over six years ago. Nneka has cut, colored, treated, styled and maintained my locs during this time and my experience has always been professional. I am particularly pleased that Nneka treats her clients with personal care and attention, which speaks to her committed client base. I have gladly recommended Nneka’s services to many people over time and will continue to do so.”


Beauty, Health and Wellness

Nneka On The GO!

Nneka on the GO!

Do you need me for an Event, House Call, or a specific time outside my normal work hours?

Nneka on the GO! offers Freelance Natural Hair Services for your special event, house call, or specific times outside my normal hours.

Please fill out the information below and I am more than happy to service you.

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Beauty, Health and Wellness

Nneka Otim is a Natural Hair Stylist providing Natural Hair Care in Smyrna, GA specializing in sisterlocks, palm rolling, interlocking, all kinds of twist and sets, hair treatments, color and of course healthy hair!!

Please feel free to set your appointment online, by clicking the BOOK NOW button below. I look forward to serving you.

Service List (Shampoo is included in all styles except Sisterlocks)
•    Bantu Knots
•    Blow Dry (Additional to any style)
•    Coils (aka coil twists or comb twist)
•    Cuts
•    Ceramic Straightening
•    Deep Conditioning/Natural Hot Oil Treatments
•    Double Strand Twists
•    Double Strand Twists with flat twists
•    Flat Twists (Straight back or design)
•    Flexi Rod Sets
•    Full head of coloring
•    Highlights
•    Loc Adornment Styles (Braiding, flat twists, or rods for locs are additional to loc maintenance)
•    Loc Adornment
•    Loc Maintenance
•    Loc Maintenance with a style including braids, flat twists, rods
•    Loc Repair/Loc Shaving (clipping of excess hair from locs)
•    Rinse
•    Rod sets
•    Shampoo, Conditioning, and Blow Dry
•    Sisterlocks
•    Starter Locs
•    Straw Sets
•    Transitional Styles
•    Wedding Packages
•    And Much More


Nneka's Featured Styles



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Join me on this Journey to Beauty, Health and Wellness


I always thought individuals who meditated had to be extremely calm and centered. Well those characteristics don’t describe me at all! I’m a busy bee… I usually don’t sit still unless I have to and when I do its usually from exhaustion. I don’t remember how I got this way. I guess through out the years, I became so engulfed in my “to do list”. My life became “what’s next on my agenda”. There’s nothing wrong with that; but when your life becomes what’s next on the list or what was last on the list your always living in the future or the past, but never in the present. That was one of my biggest lessons and still is. How to BE present… meditation has taught me to enjoy the moments of my to do list.  I try to be present in everything I do. Being present was my first step to quieting my mind and learning how to be still. It has also given me a great sense of gratitude. Meditation and being present have taught me to be grateful for each moment and each breath.

“Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.”
Thich Nhat Hanh